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Sizing or Classifying : Segregation of Variety of Dry Particles in to comparable groups.
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Application for Dry Products :
Abrasives, Animal Feeds, Beads, Ceramics, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Detergent, Food Products, Iron oxide, Lead, Paint, Polysterene, Sand, Sawdust, Soyabeans, Spices, Starch, Sugar etc.
Scalping : Removal of small percentage of Oversize particles in a high throughput process.
Application for Dry Products :
Abrasives, Beads, Borax, Casein, Carbon Black, Cereals, Grains, Detergent, Fertilizer, Flour, Instant Coffee Granules, Food Products, Iron oxide, Metal Powder, Paint, Sand, Spices, Sugar, Tobacco etc.
Liquid Separation : Filtering or dewatering to remove solid from liquids, slurriesincluding
Solid Classification and Liquid clarification.
Application for Solid Liquid Mixture :
Fruit Juices, Potato Peeling & Waste, Soyabean Oil, Patrol Oil, Distillerís Yeast, Sugar beets, Latex, Paint, Catalyst, Pulp & Papper, Tallow, Kaolin, Ceramic, Metallurgical, Pharmaceutical Industry, Ice-cream etc.